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Misty is frequently asked to teach at events across the nation. Obtain one of her guides on Motivating Excellence in Employees today!

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Methods of creating a professional environment where people learn and grow from the life experiences lived in the dance studio.

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The Misty Minute

Misty founded her first business, Misty’s Dance Unlimited, at age 21. Since that time she has founded several more companies including More Than Just Great Dancing™, Everything Dance, Midwest Dance Connection, and A Chance To Dance Foundation.

She is also a managing partner of EduCare, LLC and Lown Family Enterprises and a general partner in three real estate investment partnerships.

Misty has encouraged and inspired hundreds of entrepreneurs and young women in the past fifteen years and continues to share her positive and humorous perspective on business and life through through her writing, speaking, and mentoring.

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  • “I first ran across Misty’s name in articles she wrote for a “Dance Studio Life” magazine.  I took notes from the articles, recognizing that these were  written by someone who was not only successful in her business, but had excellent business sense to share.  Her articles inspired, and encouraged me as I set out to start my own dance studio business. Little did I know that one day I would have the pleasure to meet Misty in person. Over the last several years, she has personally helped, and guided me through the process of starting and growing my own dance studio business. I am thankful that I have Misty to turn to for business advice.  I am also thankful that I can call her my friend.”

    Sandy McAnulty, Owner/Director, Define Dance and Arts Studio, Kindermusik/Drama Kids of Humble,
  • “Misty is successful because she provides an unique twist to customer service. From the first time I met her, I quickly realized she was truly listening to me and able to communicate back with solid answers rather than the standard response of I’ll think about it and then you never hear back. She responds and in a timely manner. When problems arise, she gathers the facts and helps provide an effective solution. Her willingness to be proactive and anticipate clients’ problems is amazing. She takes the extra step necessary to solidify the relationship which leads to repeat clients and numerous referrals. I applaud her flexibility and willingness to be open to changes based on clients feedback. Lastly, Misty is always friendly, courteous and professional. She has the whole package and is someone who inspires me each day.”

    Lisa Saline, Eclipse Studio Dance Competitions, Champlin MN
  • “Misty has been so helpful with giving me tips and advice to my dance studio. She always responds to my questions and I am very appreciative of her advice and wisdom she gives me. I love talking to another dance teacher about issues within my dance studio and Misty has been extremely helpful.”

    Socorra Roth, Socorra’s Performing Arts Studio, Sioux City,
  • “Misty Lown has been an admired colleague and fellow small business owner for more than a decade. She was one of the first people to support our regional parenting publication, and has served as mentor and friend ever since. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing her speak on several occasions, and not only have I been impressed by her capacity to engage with and narrate for a variety of groups and situations, but others at these events have commented on her talent, as well. She knows how to form meaningful alliances and create synergy that benefits not only business, but community.”

    Lissa Carlson, Editor/Publisher, Coulee Parenting Connection Magazine,