Misty founded her first business, Misty’s Dance Unlimited, at age 21. Since that time she has founded several more companies including More Than Just Great Dancing!®, Willow & Grace Boutique, and the Chance To Dance Foundation.

She is also a managing partner of EduCare, LLC and Ironside Self Storage, LLC.

Misty has encouraged and inspired thousands of entrepreneurs and young women in the past twenty years and continues to share her positive and humorous perspective on business and life through her writing, speaking, and mentoring.

Misty married her high school sweetheart, Mitch, and lives in her hometown of La Crosse, Wisconsin. Family, faith, and mentoring are the anchors of her life. Mitch is a member of the Dive Search and Rescue Team, and president of Global Groundwork. Misty is a volunteer with the Boys & Girls Club and is president of the A Chance to Dance Foundation.

Misty gives credit to her parents for teaching her the importance of giving and working hard, and that all people have value regardless of their background or situation. She gives credit to her husband and his mom, Karen, for making it possible for her to pursue all her entrepreneurial dreams. Misty gives God all the credit for any success or impact she has through speaking, writing, giving or teaching.  Any mistakes or misses…she is quick to own those as well.

Her favorite part of the day is spending time with Mitch and their five amazing kids.

Life is busy, but love is what we are striving for each day.

Image of Misty Lown