From Colleagues…

“Misty Lown is an amazing entrepreneur, mentor, wife, mother, friend, professional speaker, and contributing member of our community. She helps organize and coordinate several fundraising events each year including the wildly popular Dancing with the La Crosse Stars in support of the local chapter of the American Red Cross. She is devoted to her family and her students at Misty’s Dance Unlimited. Misty freely gives her time and energy with gusto to support what she believes in…family, community, and kids. I enthusiastically support and recommend Misty!”

“Misty Lown has been an admired colleague and fellow small business owner for more than a decade. She was one of the first people to support our regional parenting publication, and has served as mentor and friend ever since. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing her speak on several occasions, and not only have I been impressed by her capacity to engage with and narrate for a variety of groups and situations, but others at these events have commented on her talent, as well. She knows how to form meaningful alliances and create synergy that benefits not only business, but community.”

“Working with Misty to produce the annual Dancing with the La Crosse Stars fundraiser is nothing short of professional. She takes great pride in the work she produces and pours her heart into every ounce of this event. We are grateful to have someone with such a passion for dance supporting this event.”
“Misty Lown is an amazing woman. On the Misty’s Dance Unlimited website, you will find the statement “Misty’s Dance Unlimited…more than just great dancing!”. Misty exemplifies this statement in so many ways. In addition to being a talented dancer and dance instructor, she is also a successful business woman, philanthropist, role model. I am so happy that my daughter has the opportunity to study dance in such a supportive, positive team-oriented atmosphere, and above all, in an atmosphere that truly stresses giving back to the community.”

“We have been extremely pleased as customers of Misty’s Dance Unlimited. We have been bringing our daughters to this studio for the last 10 years. I cannot say enough of the great impact this has been for our daughters. Lessons in hard work, determination, excellence, community-mindedness and confidence are what you can expect. MDU is so much more than “just great dancing”. Oh, and by the way, they are good at this too!”
“Misty Lown deserves the highest accolades for the combination of enormous accomplishments: not only is she a self-taught entrepreneur who grew her company to serve as an icon to the industry, admiration for the community and dominant force in the market, she did it all while raising and focusing on her 5 children. Bravo, Misty!
“Misty Lown, where do I begin? I have had the chance to perform with, work with and work for this amazing woman. She pushes the boundaries of excellence and continues to raise the standards for teachers and studio owners across the country. She’s honest, fair and full of grace. Misty is a wealth of knowledge with creativity to match. You will be hard pressed to find another person who can do what she does, with the level of professionalism with which she does it. She is a corner stone for me and my school, I know she will be for yours.”
“Misty is an amazing role model and one of the true female leaders within our community. She is able to relate to people of all ages and engage them with her personal journey. Her energy, confidence, and insightfulness truly are an inspiration to the young women at the YWCA of the Coulee Region.”
“Misty works with and relates with all people from a deeply held disposition to empower people. As a business owner, she devotes significant effort to setting aside monies to provide scholarships to families who could not otherwise afford to involve their daughters and sons in private dance lessons. When I see children and youth (and their parents) interacting directly with Misty, I observe “operational empowerment.” Misty sees people’s colors, orientations, and economic status as part of the palate of cultural art. Misty proscribes to no forms of prejudice, bias, or racism. All in the business community and in her client/student community herald her for successes and for her total adherence to inclusion and to the principle of providing significant opportunities for all people. Her clients/students exude satisfaction through excellence, accomplishment, dedication, integrity, and creativity – the optimum results of a successful leader’s actions! Misty ensures that her clients/her students appreciate themselves, their partners, their teammates, their teachers, their parents, and the community. Misty seeks and seizes all opportunities for her clients/students to give back to the community. Misty also serves as the devoted mother of five young children and continues to present herself as a healthy, fit adult woman with a true zest for living a significant life. Misty exemplifies balance and good, healthy living. Misty works with aplomb. She seems tireless. She maintains focus. She seizes all opportunities – locally and internationally. Misty will outlast the “Energizer Bunny.” She finds meaningful inspiration in her work; she thrives on the day-to-day growth of her clients/students into confident and self-accepting individuals. She lives in such a genuine way that her own high degree of motivation serves to “contaminate” others with motivation. Misty serves as a consultant to countless groups in the community concerning projects of merit to women, girls, and the general public. She offers her expertise without expectation of remuneration. She never accepts accolades singly; rather, she readily and genuinely acknowledges the works of others who contributed to the success of the project.”
“ELO attracts the world’s top Christian marketplace leaders who are not only practitioners but who know how to tell their story.  Misty Lown not only fit into the all-star roster, but knocked it out of the park.  She has poise, charm, intellect and humor, with a great story to tell about making a difference in the marketplace.  I count her as a friend and recommend her unreservedly.”

From Members of Her Audience…

“We have an annual training session for our customer support center.  This year, we wanted to provide inspirational messaging along with our regular functional training in hopes of fostering personal as well as professional growth.  Misty hit it out of the park!  She learned about our business in advance, making her even more credible and relatable.  We immediately got great feedback.  Her speech was poignant, thought-provoking and funny all at the same time.  Misty was gracious enough to leave us with some copies of her book “One Small Yes” and we had to pick names from a hat because so many attendees wanted one.  Highly recommend.”
“As a graduate faculty member of the UWL Learning Community-Masters of Education program, I knew right away that when we decided on the theme of “Secrets to Success”, that Misty would be the perfect closing speaker for us.  She has taken my daughter from the shy three year old girl, to a fourth grader who is confident in herself and challenges herself to be the best dancer she can be. She teaches her dance students that at competitions its not about winning, but putting forth your very best, and that is the secret to success every time.  Misty spoke to future masters in education teachers on her six secrets to helping students, and how that connected not only the dance floor but real life.
At the end of each assignment cycle I ask the teachers to reflect on their learning and how they are applying it. This is the reflection from Amanda who is a middle school band teacher:

I REALLY enjoyed the closing presentation for November Conference this year. She talked about how she knows that there will be a last day dancing for each of her students. Sure, we want to instill the lifelong appreciation for it etc. but we know that we are teaching more than just our art form. I get that test scores matter in the moment, but that is not what really matters. We need to teach the WHOLE child and appreciate the various ways the kids can be taught these valuable lessons.

Misty’s message impacted all of the teachers that day. If you are looking for the secret to closing out your conference, you will not be disappointed in what she will leave your audience with. The dancers she brought showcased what can be done when you invest time, talent, and stewardship in students. She was the perfect speaker to close out our conference!”

“Misty provided a compelling keynote address at our annual grant awards luncheon. Her connection to the audience and willingness to share personal details from her life were incredibly moving. I have received several positive comments on her presentation from teachers and business leaders alike. Everyone left the luncheon feeling as though they really can make a difference in the lives of the youth in our community.”
“When Misty Lown spoke at our women’s spring brunch event, her teaching was passionate, uplifting and a blessing to all who attended.  Her story and words of encouragement were inspiring and, most importantly, honoring to God.  Misty’s natural speaking style and comfortable, easy demeanor enhanced her message that “with God, nothing is impossible.”  The feedback after our event confirmed that Misty’s message was the highlight of the day.”
“We were privileged to have Misty Lown speak at our Annual Teacher’s Workshop in New York City this past July. Her seminars were spectacularly successful! All of her talks were incredibly informative, educational and fun. Our attendees were thrilled with her enthusiasm and helpfulness, and gave rave reviews. She engaged the audience with her great speaking skills and natural charisma – we will definitely be working with Misty again!”
“After attending an event in which Misty spoke, I wanted more! She was a true inspiration and very knowledgeable in aiding my journey of running a dance studio. I have already applied some of her advice and have seen the benefits right away. Thank you Misty for sharing your love of dance and supporting fellow dance educators along the way.”
“I would like to give you a BIG thank you for sharing all of your successful tips with us at the The Pulse!  I enjoyed every single one of your seminars and I am definitely motivated for a great start on our studio!  It was such a blessing to be able to network with you!  Thank you so much much for being such an inspiration!
 I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your seminars!!!  They are exactly what I needed to get me back on track after a tough year.  Thanks to you, I am excited about the new season.  My confidence is back, and with God’s help I can move forward stronger than ever.

From Business Owners…

“Misty has been so helpful with giving me tips and advice to my dance studio. She always responds to my questions and I am very appreciative of her advice and wisdom she gives me. I love talking to another dance teacher about issues within my dance studio and Misty has been extremely helpful.”
“Misty is successful because she provides an unique twist to customer service. From the first time I met her, I quickly realized she was truly listening to me and able to communicate back with solid answers rather than the standard response of I’ll think about it and then you never hear back. She responds and in a timely manner. When problems arise, she gathers the facts and helps provide an effective solution. Her willingness to be proactive and anticipate clients’ problems is amazing. She takes the extra step necessary to solidify the relationship which leads to repeat clients and numerous referrals. I applaud her flexibility and willingness to be open to changes based on clients feedback. Lastly, Misty is always friendly, courteous and professional. She has the whole package and is someone who inspires me each day.”
“I truly admire and respect Misty Lown as a successful, intelligent businesswoman.  I first met Misty at a Project Motivate Dance Seminar in 2010.  Misty was kind enough to share her life experiences in the business world with fellow dance studio owners.  Her words impacted the group tremendously and made us all begin to brainstorm ways that we could change our business to be as effective as hers.  I was taken aback by how much research, knowledge, and success she was able to accomplish while running multiple businesses.

As a business woman she made me feel empowered as if I could accomplish anything.  I have since heard her speak at Rhee Gold’s Dance Teacher Conference in 2011 in Arizona.  Once again, I was amazed by her work ethic, kind heart, and willingness to share with others.  Every time I turned around I would see her counseling and assisting fellow dance studio owners.  I would leave her sessions wishing she could have a 2 hour time-slot, because I felt I could learn so much from her.

I recently came across a very difficult business situation of my own and felt lost and alone.  After wallowing in sorrow for a good 5 minutes, I immediately thought to reach out to Misty.  I thought what would Misty do?  Within a few hours she responded to my e-mail, called me and guided me through a difficult situation.  I am forever grateful for her words of encouragement, advice, and time as I know how precious it is when running multiple businesses and taking care of a family.  Misty gave me hope and I aspire to be as wise as her some day so that I am able to help a fellow studio owner the way she helped me.”

“I first ran across Misty’s name in articles she wrote for a “Dance Studio Life” magazine.  I took notes from the articles, recognizing that these were  written by someone who was not only successful in her business, but had excellent business sense to share.  Her articles inspired, and encouraged me as I set out to start my own dance studio business. Little did I know that one day I would have the pleasure to meet Misty in person. Over the last several years, she has personally helped, and guided me through the process of starting and growing my own dance studio business. I am thankful that I have Misty to turn to for business advice.  I am also thankful that I can call her my friend.”

“Misty is a high energy businesswoman who offers an amazing portfolio of talent and creativity. She is an incredibly gifted dancer and instructor. Misty inspires her staff, 750+ students and their families to live out the studio’s motto of “More than just great dancing” through her creative ways of “giving back” to her community, locally, nationally, and internationally. She is a forerunner in teaching Christian values and community service, and she completely walks her talk. She has lead events which raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for local charities, and has traveled to third world countries for numerous mission projects. She is deeply respected within the Coulee Region, and within the dance community, both locally and nationally, for being a business owner of truth, integrity, and helping others. She goes above and beyond in all that she pursues, and motivates anyone she meets to do the same.”

“I went to a dance teacher retreat and Misty was one of the speakers. I really enjoyed her views and motivation. After the retreat, I have been contacting her about dance studio questions. She has been so helpful with any questions I have and responded quickly. Thanks Misty for all the great advice and communication between dance teachers.”

“As a fellow dance studio owner who has recently gotten on board the “Misty train”, I can personally attest to the success of these techniques. Our industry tends toward the mom-and-pop, lack of vision model where most business owners are doing every job themselves and generally just spinning their wheels. We are frequently drained of our student and employee talent because as CEO of Costume Gallery Ellen Ferreira said,”If you don’t provide a vision, people will insert their own”. Meeting Misty in the summer of 2011 opened my eyes to the possibility of true business success where I had previously not thought it so. It ISN’T magic, it ISN”T a bunch of motivational nonsense, it’s sound business practices tweaked to fit our unique business needs as dance studios. Misty has created not just a successful brick and mortar business but a successful model – something my industry was sorely lacking.”
“Misty Lown is the real deal! I’ve witnessed her in action leading “business classes” on convention, working in her studio, to family time…and she is truly walking out what she teaches! Every time I get an opportunity to be around her I’m inspired and motivated to grow as a leader and business owner. I look forward to learning more from Misty!”
“Great! I have enjoyed and gotten a GREAT DEAL out of Misty’s speaking, writing, etc at several conferences! Love hearing more and these are fabulous ideas that I will definitely address at my studio! Thanks, Misty!
“Misty Lown has one of the most sound business minds today! I have attended several workshop sessions and have had one on one coaching from Misty and something new grabs me every time. Over the past several years, as a dance studio director, I have utilized her influence in many business and marketing areas, not to mention her creative influence! Before I make a business decision, I think, “What would Misty do?” She is a person to look to for successful ideas and plans for your studio or business! With her grace, influence and her strong faith, Misty can be a tremendous asset to any business owner! I am very proud to say that I have Misty Lown on my side!”
“Misty answered my questions with great detail and in strong interest of my business.  She made me feel adequate next to her strong expertise and I was encouraged to grow with her answers she gave me.  I would be very interested in hearing more concerning dance studio growth and advancement.”
“After personally meeting Misty and seeing her studio in action, I was WOW’d! She is an incredibly motivating and giving person, and a savvy businesswoman. I have started to WOW my own customers and employees by involving them in more community service work, and it has such a motivating “team” effect on them. They are all coming together in a way that makes my heart sing. I am excited to learn more from Misty.”
“THANK YOU for meeting with me today! I feel like I have been given the biggest gift ever! I have never felt more inspired and excited for dance and the studio and I feel full of hope because I can see to the future to teaching less and feeling less overwhelmed and I just see the future and I believe it’s going to be GREAT! God’s gifted me with this studio and He has a plan, although it’s so easy to get caught up in all the craziness and forget that.

Today was one of the BEST days in my entire life – truly! You may never realize how much of an impact you have had on me and in turn will have on the lives of my students! You are so generous to give me so much of your time and to share your ideas with me. I feel so honored you would do that for me!”