For business owners, competition organizers and families

Misty shares her methods of creating a professional environment where people learn and grow from the life experiences lived in the dance studio through her More Than Just Great Dancing® venture.
MTJGD-Logo_NoTag-BlkonWhtHaving danced in your shoes as a studio owner, Misty has created an affiliation that lets its members tell the world their studio dances to a higher standard. More Than Just Great Dancing® is a community of dance studio owners that can help you reach your dreams of running a successful business. As a member of this organization, you will:

  • Transform your staff’s teaching and leadership skills
  • Give you access to quality programs and curricula
  • Help you employ best management practices
  • Have a positive impact on your community

Dance Studio Consulting Services

As a consultant, Misty quickly realized the need for this type of organization for dance studio owners.  More Than Just Great Dancing® allows her to provide her consulting services in person and on a daily basis to the members of the affiliation.  For more information, please visit More Than Just Great Dancing® or contact us.